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accessing a new vm without using the console UI

HomeCategory: stackoverflowaccessing a new vm without using the console UI
Avatarjulie asked 5 months ago

I’m new to vmware and i’m trying to do some automation when creating a vm from an OVA file. Essentially, I have an OVA that I need to get into the console and run a script so I can get to it via the internet…the script is this (runs a netplan config and some iptable commands), I just don’t know how to execute or run the commands manually without having to get into the UI via the console.

I’m just trying to figure out how I can run this without having to access the console via the vmware esxi UI.

I’m using’s environment to provision a server with vmware esxi on it via terraform, and then use ansible to deploy a few ova’s on it.

The problem then is though that I can’t access the newly deployed vm’s unless I go into the console of the vm via the UI. I’m trying to see how I can do that either via an api or some other fashion so I can do some further automation after the VM’s come up.

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AvatarJyoti answered 5 months ago
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