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Accessing Orion CB with python script

HomeCategory: stackoverflowAccessing Orion CB with python script
Avatarcraig asked 3 months ago

Would like to access orion data using a python script (not using curlor Postman). Below show the python script in my orion.pyscript:

import json
import requests


url_query=("orion_url" % (orion_endpoint))
body_dict = {
  'entities': [
      'type': 'AirQualityObserved',
      'idPattern': '.*',


r_headers = {'Content-Type': 'application/json'}
r =


Running this script dumps the entity information to the console. How do I use the script to subscribe for notification so I get notified (not just dumping context)?

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AvatarAmit answered 3 months ago
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