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Allow anonymous users to send email to a certain user in MediaWiki

HomeCategory: stackoverflowAllow anonymous users to send email to a certain user in MediaWiki
Avatargaurav asked 2 weeks ago

I have an all-core MediaWiki 1.33.0 website (no added extensions or skins).

Normally in MediaWiki, a registered user can send email to another registered user through the latter’s user profile (and if the latter permitted getting emails from other registered users).

My problem is that anonymous users cannot send emails to a registered users as described.

I desire to allow anonymous users to send emails to registered users through their profile just a registered user would, so that the option “Send an email to that user” in sidebar, will appear for an anonymous user visiting a relevant user’s profile.

Potential solution

There are PHP extensions for MediaWiki that allow a contact form available for all users, like ContactPage but I desire an extensionless solution if there is one (I prefer this to reduce complexity).

My question

As a non PHP developer I ask; is there a PHP hook (or tweak?) usable in LocalSettings.php to allow anonymous users to send me email through that profile?
If not, is there a Wiki syntax API call or an AJAJ call to bypass the PHP restriction?

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AvatarMatthias answered 2 weeks ago
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