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AWS DynamoDB and Mobile Hub

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Avatarjohn asked 1 week ago


I created DynamoDb table in Android Mobile Hub, but when I go to DynamoDB page I don’t see my table. Can somebody explain why it happens?

My another question why in the next code:

 // AWSMobileClient enables AWS user credentials to access your table

 AWSCredentialsProvider credentialsProvider = AWSMobileClient.getInstance().getCredentialsProvider();
 AWSConfiguration configuration = AWSMobileClient.getInstance().getConfiguration();

 // Add code to instantiate a AmazonDynamoDBClient
 AmazonDynamoDBClient dynamoDBClient = new AmazonDynamoDBClient(credentialsProvider);

 this.dynamoDBMapper = DynamoDBMapper.builder()

I need line .awsConfiguration(configuration)? It works fine without it also.

I think that I still didn’t understand difference between Standard DynamoDB/S3 and mobile hub DynamoDB/S3. Can somebody explain it?

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AvatarArben answered 1 week ago
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