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Cannot join 3 table in Codeigniter

HomeCategory: stackoverflowCannot join 3 table in Codeigniter
Avatarkundan asked 5 months ago

I am retrieving products from codeigniter there are three tables:

  1. dg_products
  2. dg_rating
  3. dg_like

after joining dg_products and dg_rating is working but i want to get the like status from dg_like.
structure of dg_like is:

id | P_id | Uid

from session i am able to retrieve current logged in user id but cannot retieve whether that user has liked that particular product or not. Please give any suggestions.

public function get_featured()
        $this->db->select('dg_products.*, AVG(dg_rating.rating) As averageRating');
        $this->db->join('dg_rating', ' = dg_rating.product_id','left');
        if($user_id!='') {
        $this->db->join('dg_like', 'user_id = dg_like.u_id');
        $query = $this->db->get();   
        $result = $query->result();
        return $result; 
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Avatarnaveen answered 5 months ago
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