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Change sub-titles in lattice/densityplot

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Avatarkundan asked 4 months ago

I was working in lattice/densityplot and want to change the “in”, “out” sub-titles to “inpatinet”, “outpatient”.
Thank you. The image and code below:

colors = c("black", "blue")
lines = c(1,2) #1
points = c(16,17)
key.trans <- list(title="Gender",
                  corner = c(0.90, 0.90),
                  #space="bottom", columns=2, #2
                  #points=list(pch=points, col=colors),
                  lines=list(col=colors, lty=lines),
                  cex.title=1, cex=.9) 

densityplot(~ Age_yrs|Location_type, groups=Sex,  
            data = subset(all_isolates_inc_ATCC, Age_yrs<100 & 
                   & Organism=="eco" 
                   & Location_type!="unk"), 
            xlab = "Age, years",
            lty=lines, col=colors,
            plot.points = FALSE,

enter image description here

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AvatarMikhail answered 4 months ago
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