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Chrome Extension and IndexDB Integration

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Avatarbhawya asked 4 months ago

So, I am working on a project that requires data to be stored on the local machine of the user. The size of data is quite large hence I thought of using IndexDB for this purpose.

My Question is whether is it possible to connect a chrome extension with IndexDB and query the database at the same time??

If Yes, Then how can I integrate them. In which file(popup.js or background.js or any other file) should I include the source code for creating the database.
I want the code for creating the database to run only once. After that I only want to update or delete data only.

If No, then is there any other way to achieve this?? The data is large hence I cannot store data in local storage.

Any paper, online material, advice or method from chrome developers or any other valid site would be helpful. Any example would help me alot.

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AvatarMannu answered 4 months ago
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