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Command HEAD in Cygwin doesn't work

HomeCategory: stackoverflowCommand HEAD in Cygwin doesn't work
Avatargaurav asked 4 months ago

I’m a Windows sysadmin trying to setup a Cygwin in a Windows 2016 environment. Not a Linux or developer person, but I’m open to learn.

I’m able to install Cygwin (x86/64) and most of the commands work just fine. But there is 2 commands that doesn’t work: HEAD (10 first lines) and WC (word count).
TAIL, CAT CLEAR, PWD are commands that work just fine. HEAD & WC doesn’t show anything. An user needs those commands to be working because he’s working with huge files.

I’ve tried Cygwin on my laptop and each command work just fine, Including HEAD & CAT.

Troubleshooting already tried:

1) Run as administrator
2) x86/x64 version = same issues
3) I’ve already set the PATH environment variable to F:cygwin64

Troubleshooting that I need help in order to do it:

1) PATH: Do I need to specify the PATH of the Cygwin software to Windows OS on any other way/setting? Do I need to specify the PATH for cygwin in any cygwin config file?

2) I’ve tried/set the following in my Cygwin desktop shortcut “C:cygwin64binmintty /bin/bash -l” but the shell just shows for a couple of seconds then it closes.

3) Anything else where I can proceed?

Thanks a lot in advance

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AvatarMannu answered 4 months ago
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