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Django many-to-many query dict representation

HomeCategory: stackoverflowDjango many-to-many query dict representation
Avatargaurav asked 4 weeks ago

I have this query

        campaign_query = Campaign.objects.filter(id__in=campaign_ids).select_related('campaign_manager__name').prefetch_related('products').values(
            'id', 'name', 'campaign_manager_id', 'campaign_manager__name', 'products'

Which is supposed to return a dict representation of my Campaign obj.

The problem is that ‘products’ is a many to many relationship and is only returning the first product, not a list of all of them.

Return example:

 <QuerySet [{'id': 19, 'name': 'Gby id', 'campaign_manager_id': 3, 'campaign_manager__name': '', 'products': 34}]>

What I want

 <QuerySet [{'id': 19, 'name': 'Gby id', 'campaign_manager_id': 3, 'campaign_manager__name': '', 'products': [34,35,36]}]>
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AvatarMannu answered 4 weeks ago
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