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Does PHP run time affects complex php scripts?

HomeCategory: stackoverflowDoes PHP run time affects complex php scripts?
Avatarpushpa asked 2 weeks ago

Hello i’m currently maintaining a small website and a complex web application for a small Multi Level Marketing (MLM) company, and i noticed something odd while reviewing the database for a backup, i have checked the code and tested it out there’s no issues because the condition won’t allow for an empty value however there are 3 registered accounts that contains empty or value basically a table that handles the matching of user accounts. Reviewed the database out of thousand user accounts there are only 3 user accounts that has empty values on some fields on the table.

My concern is that since this doesn’t happen every time and since i’ve already checked the source code, does php runtime affects the complex script being executed? if not any thoughts about this kind of issues? are there ways to stop and cancel the process if an empty value was inserted in a table? Thanks in advance guys.

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AvatarAmit answered 2 weeks ago
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