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Flux blocking Netty start-up

HomeCategory: stackoverflowFlux blocking Netty start-up
kundan asked 6 days ago

I have a @Repository reading from a real-time data source. I am making the data available using Flux.create() { sink-> }

A @Service is doing the following;

@Autowired MyRepository myRepository;

@PostConstruct() public void startUp() {
  ConnectableFlux<Object> cf = myRepository.flux.publish();

That works and prints the data, but I do not get “Netty started” in the logs and @Controllers do not respond. If I omit cf.connect(), Netty starts. So I assume that cf.connect() is blocking Netty.

Ideally, I want the subscription to auto-start. Is using connect() in @PostConstuct too early? Should I listen for a “Netty Started” event, then connect(), or is my subscription just plain wrong?

Edit: If connect is run within a deamon Thread, Netty does start and the subscription works.

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Fernando answered 6 days ago
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