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for in for loop (fors working in parallel )

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Avatarpragati asked 1 month ago

I wanted to write a program where it takes your schedule of week and assign it to a list
schedule will include seven days a week and user enters what he has in his schedule
so my problem is : I’m using for in for loop to show the day and assign the data of schedule of user now in second for I cant assign data to each assignment and only 1 is assign
when I assign the data it only saves it in first list not other 6

for day in week:
    for data in schedule:
        while True:
            b = input("Your schedule for  " + day + " ? ")
            if b == 'done':
for p in o:
    print(40 * '=')

i want to assign each data to each day but all of the data assigns to 1 day

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AvatarMikhail answered 1 month ago
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