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get the binary data transferred from grpc client

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Avatarpragati asked 4 months ago

I am new to gRPC framework, and I have created a sample client-server on my PC (referring to this).

In my client-server application I have implemented a simple RPC

service NameStudent {
  rpc GetRoll(RollNo) returns (Details) {}

The client sends a RollNo and receives his/her details which are name, age, gender, parent name, and roll no.

message RollNo{
    int32 roll = 1;

message Details {
    string name = 1;
    string gender = 2;
    int32 age = 3;
    string parent = 4;
    RollNo rollid = 5;

The actual server and client codes are adaptation of the sample code explained here

Now my server is able to listen to “” and client is able to send the roll no on “localhost:50051” and receive the details.

I want to see the actual binary data that is transferred between client and server. i have tried using Wireshark, but I don’t understand what I am seeing here.

Here is the screenshot of wireshark capture
Wireshark Screenshot

And here are the details of highlighted entry from above screenshot.

Need help in understanding wireshark here, Or any other way that can be used to see the binary data.

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AvatarArben answered 4 months ago
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