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Handling hardware back button in Ionic3 Vs Ionic4

HomeCategory: stackoverflowHandling hardware back button in Ionic3 Vs Ionic4
Avatarpragati asked 5 months ago

Please find the below code for the Android hardware back button action in ionic3. As Ionic4 uses angular routing for navigation how the pop event will take place for the back button? If we want to pop to the last page we can use the following code this.navCtrl.goBack('/products');.
But how we can use it for the android hardware back button action in ionic4?

Ionic3 hardware back button action

this.platform.registerBackButtonAction(() => {
    let activePortal = this.ionicApp._loadingPortal.getActive() ||
        this.ionicApp._modalPortal.getActive() ||
        this.ionicApp._toastPortal.getActive() ||
    if (activePortal) {
    } else {
        if (this.nav.canGoBack()) {
        } else {
            if (this.nav.getActive().name === 'LoginPage') {
            } else {
                this.generic.showAlert("Exit", "Do you want to exit the app?", this.onYesHandler, this.onNoHandler, "backPress");
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AvatarMikhail answered 5 months ago
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