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How can I make [add-on] as landingpage?

HomeCategory: stackoverflowHow can I make [add-on] as landingpage?
Avatarpushpa asked 4 months ago

Hello Thanks for reading 🙂

This is about an >add-on website<, somehow all of my add-on domains are located in my root directory and not in public_html. They all work great.

Ive an fully costum website, (with img, css, jscript, html and some wordpress folders) now I can add new folder in my CPanel (name: Home) and go to and it works flawless.


How can I make this my landingpage?
(I want: =


  • WordPress Dashboard wont find or recognize my /home page so I cant set it as landingpage.

  • Renamed index.html into index.php

  • JScript redirection loads to slow and it’s unprofessional.

  • Drag the add-on domain folder into public_html but this gives an 404.

  • Reinstalled WordPress multiple times and even tried it on other domainnames.

If anybody knew how or whats wrong, I would love your help!! 😀

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AvatarFernando answered 4 months ago
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