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How do you make a Python input loop read and update list item

HomeCategory: stackoverflowHow do you make a Python input loop read and update list item
Avatargaurav asked 4 months ago

I am making a program that requires an input loop that reads from a previous list and uses that data in the user prompt. I can’t find how to make the loop display the next list item on each loop.

I have tried different things but haven’t got it to work. I have it set now as just itemName0 but want to have it go up till the loop ends (itemName1, itemName2 etc…)

Item names (itemName0,itemName2,etc…)

for x in range(itemNum):
    globals()['itemName%s' % x] =input("Enter item name: ")

#Item Values (itemValue0,itemValue1,...)
for x in range(itemNum):
    globals()['itemValue%s' % x] =float(input("Enter value for "+(itemName0)+(": ")))

I’m hoping to get to this:

Enter item name: Pants
Enter item name: Shirts
Enter item name: socks

Enter value for Pants: 
Enter value for Shirts:
Enter value for socks:

I need the loop to run for however the length of the user inputs as itemNum but update the items for the names.

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AvatarMannu answered 4 months ago
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