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how to Apply AND operation in SQL

HomeCategory: stackoverflowhow to Apply AND operation in SQL
Avatarpragati asked 4 months ago

My Query is like Select * From T Where ID=1 AND ID=2 AND ID=3 And So On

These ID From Another Result Set Like Select ID From T2

If I Apply IN Operation SELECT * From T Where ID IN(1,2,3) It show if there is any entry for 1 or 2 or 3 But in my requirement their should be ID 1 AND 2 AND 3
means ID IS 1,2,3 if 2 is not there result should be empty
how to apply this query !! 1,2,3 is from another result set can’t use directly means can’t use where ID=1 AND ID=2 AND So On

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AvatarMannu answered 4 months ago
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1 + 3 =

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