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How to use CImg functions with pixel data?

HomeCategory: stackoverflowHow to use CImg functions with pixel data?
Avatargaurav asked 5 months ago

I am using Visual Studio and looking to find a useful image processing library that will take care of basic image processing functions such as rotation so that I don’t have to keep coding them manually. I came across CImg and it supports this, as well as many other useful functions, along with interpolation.

However, all the examples I’ve seen show CImg being used by loading and using full images. I want to work with pixel data. So my loops are the typical:

for (x=0;x<width; x++)
for (y=0;y<height; y++)

I want to perform bilinear or bicubic rotation in this instance and I see CImg supports this. It provides a rotate() and get_rotate function, among others.

I can’t find any examples online that show how to use this with pixel data. Ideally, I could simply pass it the pixel color, x, y, and interpolation method, and have it return the result.

Could anyone provide any helpful suggestions?

Thank you!

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AvatarMannu answered 5 months ago
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