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I have problem with array in address line

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Avatarpushpa asked 2 weeks ago

I’m trying to filter the product with checkbox, but the array is constantly repeating the address. How can I avoid this?

this is my form

<form id="form" method="GET" action="<?php echo $MarkaSeoUrl; ?>" enctype="application/x-www-form-urlencoded">
				<div class="custom-control custom-checkbox">
					<span class="float-right badge badge-light round"><?php echo $SayiIcinMarkaSayisi; ?></span>
				  	<input type="checkbox" class="custom-control-input" value="<?php echo $MarkaKayitlar["MarkaID"]; ?>" name="MarkaID[]" id="<?php echo $MarkaKayitlar["MarkaID"]; ?>"
						   <?php if(isset($_GET["MarkaID"])) { 
								if(in_array($MarkaKayitlar["MarkaID"], $FiltreIcinMarkaIdDizisi)){
									echo "checked='checked'";
				  	<label class="custom-control-label" for="<?php echo $MarkaKayitlar["MarkaID"]; ?>"><?php echo DonusumleriGeriDondur($MarkaKayitlar["MarkaAdi"]); ?></label>
				</div> <!-- form-check.// -->
							<?php } ?>

and this is action file code

$FiltreIcinMarkaIdDizisi    =   $_GET["MarkaID"];
if ($FiltreIcinMarkaIdDizisi) {
$FiltreIcinMarkaIdDizisiDuzenle = implode(',', $FiltreIcinMarkaIdDizisi);
$Marka          =   "AND MarkaID IN (" . $FiltreIcinMarkaIdDizisiDuzenle.")";
$Marka      =   "";

my address line looks like this and it gets longer and longer


I want it to look like this


I don’t know how to do it, can you help me with this.

Sorry for my bad English

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AvatarMikhail answered 2 weeks ago
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