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Incorrect x axis plotting

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Avatarpushpa asked 1 week ago

I am trying to plot biomass data for all planting dates from September 15 – October 31. While plotting, it plots dates randomly. I have arranged the data chronologically so I am unable to understand what I did wrong. If I split the data into four ranges (Sept 15- Sept 30, Oct 1-Oct 9 and so on), I do get the right output.

Day Biomass Year
Sep15 1249 Cool and Dry
Sep15 2490 Warm and Dry
Sep15 1600 Warm and Dry
Sep15 4664 Warm and Dry
Sep15 2400 Cool and Wet
Sep15 236 Cool and Dry
Sep15 3846 Warm and Wet
Sep15 1422 Cool and Dry
Sep15 1674 Cool and Wet
Sep15 5000 Cool and Wet
Sep15 3256 Warm and Wet
Sep15 3177 Warm and Dry
Sep15 204 Cool and Dry
Sep15 5376 Warm and Wet
Sep15 3846 Cool and Wet
Sep15 2619 Cool and Wet
Sep15 4639 Warm and Wet
Sep15 4468 Warm and Wet
Sep15 2777 Cool and Wet
Sep15 3063 Cool and Wet
Sep15 2244 Cool and Wet
Sep15 1817 Cool and Wet
Sep15 1158 Cool and Wet
Sep15 2089 Warm and Dry
Sep15 1246 Cool and Dry
Sep15 940 Cool and Dry
Sep15 1022 Cool and Dry
Sep15 4216 Warm and Wet
Sep15 9516 Warm and Wet
Sep15 4621 Warm and Wet
Sep16 1220 Cool and Dry
Sep16 2200 Warm and Dry
Sep16 1575 Warm and Dry
Sep16 4330 Warm and Dry
Sep16 2355 Cool and Wet
Sep16 220 Cool and Dry
Sep16 3665 Warm and Wet
Sep16 1289 Cool and Dry
Sep16 1448 Cool and Wet
Sep16 4910 Cool and Wet
Sep16 3119 Warm and Wet
Sep16 3065 Warm and Dry
Sep16 183 Cool and Dry
Sep16 5208 Warm and Wet
Sep16 3654 Cool and Wet
Sep16 2400 Cool and Wet
Sep16 4589 Warm and Wet
Sep16 4219 Warm and Wet
Sep16 2515 Cool and Wet
Sep16 2876 Cool and Wet
Sep16 2001.8 Cool and Wet
Sep16 1660 Cool and Wet
Sep16 987 Cool and Wet
Sep16 1597 Warm and Dry
Sep16 1090 Cool and Dry
Sep16 838 Cool and Dry
Sep16 902 Cool and Dry
Sep16 4178 Warm and Wet
Sep16 9234 Warm and Wet
Sep16 4478 Warm and Wet
Sep17 1200 Cool and Dry
Sep17 2178 Warm and Dry
Sep17 1522 Warm and Dry
Sep17 4219 Warm and Dry
Sep17 2310 Cool and Wet
Sep17 208 Cool and Dry
Sep17 3389 Warm and Wet
Sep17 1090 Cool and Dry
Sep17 1239 Cool and Wet
Sep17 4809 Cool and Wet
Sep17 3010 Warm and Wet
Sep17 2970 Warm and Dry
Sep17 166 Cool and Dry
Sep17 5008 Warm and Wet
Sep17 3551 Cool and Wet
Sep17 2287 Cool and Wet
Sep17 4421 Warm and Wet
Sep17 4008 Warm and Wet
Sep17 2297 Cool and Wet
Sep17 2617 Cool and Wet
Sep17 1876 Cool and Wet
Sep17 1434 Cool and Wet
Sep17 892 Cool and Wet
Sep17 1322 Warm and Dry
Sep17 976 Cool and Dry
Sep17 690 Cool and Dry
Sep17 865 Cool and Dry
Sep17 3966 Warm and Wet
Sep17 9008 Warm and Wet
Sep17 4361 Warm and Wet
Sep18 1189 Cool and Dry
Sep18 2000 Warm and Dry
Sep18 1486 Warm and Dry
Sep18 4188 Warm and Dry
Sep18 2273 Cool and Wet
Sep18 185 Cool and Dry
Sep18 3180 Warm and Wet
Sep18 997 Cool and Dry
Sep18 1000 Cool and Wet
Sep18 4711 Cool and Wet
Sep18 2989 Warm and Wet
Sep18 2914 Warm and Dry
Sep18 151 Cool and Dry
Sep18 4811 Warm and Wet
Sep18 3410 Cool and Wet
Sep18 2108 Cool and Wet
Sep18 4209 Warm and Wet
Sep18 3898 Warm and Wet
Sep18 2100 Cool and Wet
Sep18 2443 Cool and Wet
Sep18 1550 Cool and Wet
Sep18 1209 Cool and Wet
Sep18 837 Cool and Wet
Sep18 1245 Warm and Dry
Sep18 890 Cool and Dry
Sep18 617 Cool and Dry
Sep18 792 Cool and Dry
Sep18 3771 Warm and Wet
Sep18 8669 Warm and Wet
Sep18 4200 Warm and Wet
Sep19 1145 Cool and Dry
Sep19 1967 Warm and Dry
Sep19 1443 Warm and Dry
Sep19 4100 Warm and Dry
Sep19 2231 Cool and Wet
Sep19 176 Cool and Dry
Sep19 3007 Warm and Wet
Sep19 958 Cool and Dry
Sep19 966 Cool and Wet
Sep19 4509 Cool and Wet
Sep19 2881 Warm and Wet
Sep19 2807 Warm and Dry
Sep19 140 Cool and Dry
Sep19 4669 Warm and Wet
Sep19 3200 Cool and Wet
Sep19 1978 Cool and Wet
Sep19 4001 Warm and Wet
Sep19 3684 Warm and Wet
Sep19 2005 Cool and Wet
Sep19 2278 Cool and Wet
Sep19 1488 Cool and Wet
Sep19 1001 Cool and Wet
Sep19 750 Cool and Wet
Sep19 1109 Warm and Dry
Sep19 783 Cool and Dry
Sep19 558 Cool and Dry
Sep19 701 Cool and Dry
Sep19 3690 Warm and Wet
Sep19 7903 Warm and Wet
Sep19 4106 Warm and Wet
Sep20 782 Cool and Dry
Sep20 1702 Warm and Dry
Sep20 1200 Warm and Dry
Sep20 4072 Warm and Dry
Sep20 2110 Cool and Wet
Sep20 1158 Cool and Dry
Sep20 2841 Warm and Wet
Sep20 940 Cool and Dry
Sep20 2210 Cool and Wet
Sep20 2377 Cool and Wet
Sep20 2686 Warm and Wet
Sep20 2707 Warm and Dry
Sep20 1221 Cool and Dry
Sep20 4511 Warm and Wet
Sep20 3177 Cool and Wet
Sep20 2619 Cool and Wet
Sep20 3635 Warm and Wet
Sep20 3412 Warm and Wet
Sep20 2777 Cool and Wet
Sep20 2624 Cool and Wet
Sep20 1216 Cool and Wet
Sep20 1817 Cool and Wet
Sep20 915 Cool and Wet
Sep20 890 Warm and Dry
Sep20 700 Cool and Dry
Sep20 940 Cool and Dry
Sep20 653 Cool and Dry
Sep20 3987 Warm and Wet
Sep20 7701 Warm and Wet
Sep20 3900 Warm and Wet
Sep21 778 Cool and Dry
Sep21 1580 Warm and Dry
Sep21 1176 Warm and Dry
Sep21 3919 Warm and Dry
Sep21 2018 Cool and Wet
Sep21 1143 Cool and Dry
Sep21 2744 Warm and Wet
Sep21 927 Cool and Dry
Sep21 2113 Cool and Wet
Sep21 2296 Cool and Wet
Sep21 2543 Warm and Wet
Sep21 2611 Warm and Dry
Sep21 1000 Cool and Dry
Sep21 4323 Warm and Wet
Sep21 2890 Cool and Wet
Sep21 2544 Cool and Wet
Sep21 3500 Warm and Wet
Sep21 3222 Warm and Wet
Sep21 2434 Cool and Wet
Sep21 2518 Cool and Wet
Sep21 1210 Cool and Wet
Sep21 1700 Cool and Wet
Sep21 886 Cool and Wet
Sep21 843 Warm and Dry
Sep21 691 Cool and Dry
Sep21 928 Cool and Dry
Sep21 628 Cool and Dry
Sep21 3888 Warm and Wet
Sep21 7621 Warm and Wet
Sep21 3700 Warm and Wet
Sep22 750 Cool and Dry
Sep22 1398 Warm and Dry
Sep22 1010 Warm and Dry
Sep22 3840 Warm and Dry
Sep22 1915 Cool and Wet
Sep22 1136 Cool and Dry
Sep22 2528 Warm and Wet
Sep22 910 Cool and Dry
Sep22 2074 Cool and Wet
Sep22 2106 Cool and Wet
Sep22 2443 Warm and Wet
Sep22 2577 Warm and Dry
Sep22 850 Cool and Dry
Sep22 4210 Warm and Wet
Sep22 2585 Cool and Wet
Sep22 2491 Cool and Wet
Sep22 3432 Warm and Wet
Sep22 3026 Warm and Wet
Sep22 1598 Cool and Wet
Sep22 2362 Cool and Wet
Sep22 1200 Cool and Wet
Sep22 1656 Cool and Wet
Sep22 843 Cool and Wet
Sep22 789 Warm and Dry
Sep22 687 Cool and Dry
Sep22 890 Cool and Dry
Sep22 600 Cool and Dry
Sep22 3642 Warm and Wet
Sep22 7482 Warm and Wet
Sep22 3581 Warm and Wet
Sep23 737.5 Cool and Dry
Sep23 1299 Warm and Dry
Sep23 1002.5 Warm and Dry
Sep23 3690 Warm and Dry
Sep23 1877.5 Cool and Wet
Sep23 1102 Cool and Dry
Sep23 2364.75 Warm and Wet
Sep23 891 Cool and Dry
Sep23 2051.5 Cool and Wet
Sep23 2098 Cool and Wet
Sep23 2373.5 Warm and Wet
Sep23 2477 Warm and Dry
Sep23 782.5 Cool and Dry
Sep23 4182.5 Warm and Wet
Sep23 2550 Cool and Wet
Sep23 2423 Cool and Wet
Sep23 3396 Warm and Wet
Sep23 2907.75 Warm and Wet
Sep23 2559.5 Cool and Wet
Sep23 2319 Cool and Wet
Sep23 1169.25 Cool and Wet
Sep23 1595.5 Cool and Wet
Sep23 827.25 Cool and Wet
Sep23 741.75 Warm and Dry
Sep23 665.25 Cool and Dry
Sep23 867.5 Cool and Dry
Sep23 587.25 Cool and Dry
Sep23 3609.25 Warm and Wet
Sep23 7411.5 Warm and Wet
Sep23 3515.75 Warm and Wet
Sep24 725 Cool and Dry
Sep24 1200 Warm and Dry
Sep24 995 Warm and Dry
Sep24 3540 Warm and Dry
Sep24 1840 Cool and Wet
Sep24 1068 Cool and Dry
Sep24 2201.5 Warm and Wet
Sep24 872 Cool and Dry
Sep24 2029 Cool and Wet
Sep24 2090 Cool and Wet
Sep24 2304 Warm and Wet
Sep24 2377 Warm and Dry
Sep24 715 Cool and Dry
Sep24 4155 Warm and Wet
Sep24 2515 Cool and Wet
Sep24 2355 Cool and Wet
Sep24 3360 Warm and Wet
Sep24 2789.5 Warm and Wet
Sep24 2521 Cool and Wet
Sep24 2276 Cool and Wet
Sep24 1138.5 Cool and Wet
Sep24 1535 Cool and Wet
Sep24 811.5 Cool and Wet
Sep24 694.5 Warm and Dry
Sep24 643.5 Cool and Dry
Sep24 845 Cool and Dry
Sep24 574.5 Cool and Dry
Sep24 3576.5 Warm and Wet
Sep24 7341 Warm and Wet
Sep24 3450.5 Warm and Wet
Sep25 700 Cool and Dry
Sep25 1002 Warm and Dry
Sep25 980 Warm and Dry
Sep25 3240 Warm and Dry
Sep25 1765 Cool and Wet
Sep25 1000 Cool and Dry
Sep25 1875 Warm and Wet
Sep25 834 Cool and Dry
Sep25 1984 Cool and Wet
Sep25 2074 Cool and Wet
Sep25 2165 Warm and Wet
Sep25 2177 Warm and Dry
Sep25 580 Cool and Dry
Sep25 4100 Warm and Wet
Sep25 2445 Cool and Wet
Sep25 2219 Cool and Wet
Sep25 3288 Warm and Wet
Sep25 2553 Warm and Wet
Sep25 2444 Cool and Wet
Sep25 2190 Cool and Wet
Sep25 1077 Cool and Wet
Sep25 1414 Cool and Wet
Sep25 780 Cool and Wet
Sep25 600 Warm and Dry
Sep25 600 Cool and Dry
Sep25 800 Cool and Dry
Sep25 549 Cool and Dry
Sep25 3511 Warm and Wet
Sep25 7200 Warm and Wet
Sep25 3320 Warm and Wet
Sep26 660 Cool and Dry
Sep26 927 Warm and Dry
Sep26 840 Warm and Dry
Sep26 3125.5 Warm and Dry
Sep26 1340 Cool and Wet
Sep26 996.5 Cool and Dry
Sep26 1770.5 Warm and Wet
Sep26 791.5 Cool and Dry
Sep26 1882.5 Cool and Wet
Sep26 1859 Cool and Wet
Sep26 1551 Warm and Wet
Sep26 1993 Warm and Dry
Sep26 499 Cool and Dry
Sep26 3959 Warm and Wet
Sep26 2550.5 Cool and Wet
Sep26 2119 Cool and Wet
Sep26 3036.5 Warm and Wet
Sep26 2485 Warm and Wet
Sep26 2310.5 Cool and Wet
Sep26 1875 Cool and Wet
Sep26 976.5 Cool and Wet
Sep26 1315.5 Cool and Wet
Sep26 728.5 Cool and Wet
Sep26 555 Warm and Dry
Sep26 543.5 Cool and Dry
Sep26 733 Cool and Dry
Sep26 490.5 Cool and Dry
Sep26 3355.5 Warm and Wet
Sep26 7009 Warm and Wet
Sep26 3117 Warm and Wet
Sep27 620 Cool and Dry
Sep27 853 Warm and Dry
Sep27 700 Warm and Dry
Sep27 3011 Warm and Dry
Sep27 915 Cool and Wet
Sep27 993 Cool and Dry
Sep27 1666 Warm and Wet
Sep27 749 Cool and Dry
Sep27 1781 Cool and Wet
Sep27 1644 Cool and Wet
Sep27 937 Warm and Wet
Sep27 1809 Warm and Dry
Sep27 418 Cool and Dry
Sep27 3818 Warm and Wet
Sep27 2656 Cool and Wet
Sep27 2019 Cool and Wet
Sep27 2785 Warm and Wet
Sep27 2417 Warm and Wet
Sep27 2177 Cool and Wet
Sep27 1560 Cool and Wet
Sep27 876 Cool and Wet
Sep27 1217 Cool and Wet
Sep27 677 Cool and Wet
Sep27 510 Warm and Dry
Sep27 487 Cool and Dry
Sep27 666 Cool and Dry
Sep27 432 Cool and Dry
Sep27 3200 Warm and Wet
Sep27 6818 Warm and Wet
Sep27 2914 Warm and Wet
Sep28 580 Cool and Dry
Sep28 510 Warm and Dry
Sep28 632 Warm and Dry
Sep28 2800 Warm and Dry
Sep28 754 Cool and Wet
Sep28 870 Cool and Dry
Sep28 1433 Warm and Wet
Sep28 700 Cool and Dry
Sep28 1549 Cool and Wet
Sep28 1322 Cool and Wet
Sep28 765 Warm and Wet
Sep28 1616 Warm and Dry
Sep28 352 Cool and Dry
Sep28 3616 Warm and Wet
Sep28 2500 Cool and Wet
Sep28 1888 Cool and Wet
Sep28 2555 Warm and Wet
Sep28 2200 Warm and Wet
Sep28 1954 Cool and Wet
Sep28 1320 Cool and Wet
Sep28 778 Cool and Wet
Sep28 1001 Cool and Wet
Sep28 589 Cool and Wet
Sep28 420 Warm and Dry
Sep28 389 Cool and Dry
Sep28 569 Cool and Dry
Sep28 389 Cool and Dry
Sep28 2900 Warm and Wet
Sep28 6654 Warm and Wet
Sep28 2789 Warm and Wet
Sep29 591 Cool and Dry
Sep29 543 Warm and Dry
Sep29 623 Warm and Dry
Sep29 2510.5 Warm and Dry
Sep29 784.5 Cool and Wet
Sep29 903 Cool and Dry
Sep29 1239.5 Warm and Wet
Sep29 654.5 Cool and Dry
Sep29 1489 Cool and Wet
Sep29 1333 Cool and Wet
Sep29 1754.5 Warm and Wet
Sep29 1552 Warm and Dry
Sep29 386.5 Cool and Dry
Sep29 3532.5 Warm and Wet
Sep29 2397 Cool and Wet
Sep29 1796.5 Cool and Wet
Sep29 2483.5 Warm and Wet
Sep29 2053 Warm and Wet
Sep29 1933 Cool and Wet
Sep29 1263 Cool and Wet
Sep29 782.5 Cool and Wet
Sep29 941 Cool and Wet
Sep29 575 Cool and Wet
Sep29 435 Warm and Dry
Sep29 399.5 Cool and Dry
Sep29 595 Cool and Dry
Sep29 407 Cool and Dry
Sep29 2829.5 Warm and Wet
Sep29 6538 Warm and Wet
Sep29 2666 Warm and Wet
Sep30 602 Cool and Dry
Sep30 576 Warm and Dry
Sep30 614 Warm and Dry
Sep30 2221 Warm and Dry
Sep30 815 Cool and Wet
Sep30 936 Cool and Dry
Sep30 1046 Warm and Wet
Sep30 609 Cool and Dry
Sep30 1429 Cool and Wet
Sep30 1344 Cool and Wet
Sep30 1744 Warm and Wet
Sep30 1488 Warm and Dry
Sep30 421 Cool and Dry
Sep30 3449 Warm and Wet
Sep30 2294 Cool and Wet
Sep30 1705 Cool and Wet
Sep30 2412 Warm and Wet
Sep30 1906 Warm and Wet
Sep30 1912 Cool and Wet
Sep30 1206 Cool and Wet
Sep30 787 Cool and Wet
Sep30 881 Cool and Wet
Sep30 561 Cool and Wet
Sep30 450 Warm and Dry
Sep30 410 Cool and Dry
Sep30 621 Cool and Dry
Sep30 425 Cool and Dry
Sep30 2759 Warm and Wet
Sep30 6422 Warm and Wet
Sep30 2543 Warm and Wet
Oct1 502 Cool and Dry
Oct1 476 Warm and Dry
Oct1 514 Warm and Dry
Oct1 2121 Warm and Dry
Oct1 715 Cool and Wet
Oct1 836 Cool and Dry
Oct1 946 Warm and Wet
Oct1 509 Cool and Dry
Oct1 1329 Cool and Wet
Oct1 1244 Cool and Wet
Oct1 1644 Warm and Wet
Oct1 1388 Warm and Dry
Oct1 321 Cool and Dry
Oct1 3349 Warm and Wet
Oct1 2194 Cool and Wet
Oct1 1605 Cool and Wet
Oct1 2312 Warm and Wet
Oct1 1806 Warm and Wet
Oct1 1812 Cool and Wet
Oct1 1106 Cool and Wet
Oct1 687 Cool and Wet
Oct1 781 Cool and Wet
Oct1 461 Cool and Wet
Oct1 350 Warm and Dry
Oct1 310 Cool and Dry
Oct1 521 Cool and Dry
Oct1 325 Cool and Dry
Oct1 2659 Warm and Wet
Oct1 6322 Warm and Wet
Oct1 2443 Warm and Wet
Oct2 443 Cool and Dry
Oct2 430 Warm and Dry
Oct2 490.5 Warm and Dry
Oct2 2055.5 Warm and Dry
Oct2 702 Cool and Wet
Oct2 818 Cool and Dry
Oct2 872.5 Warm and Wet
Oct2 465 Cool and Dry
Oct2 1301 Cool and Wet
Oct2 1181 Cool and Wet
Oct2 1552 Warm and Wet
Oct2 1320.5 Warm and Dry
Oct2 305.5 Cool and Dry
Oct2 2303.5 Warm and Wet
Oct2 2085 Cool and Wet
Oct2 1549.5 Cool and Wet
Oct2 2150.5 Warm and Wet
Oct2 1736 Warm and Wet
Oct2 1709 Cool and Wet
Oct2 1084.5 Cool and Wet
Oct2 648.5 Cool and Wet
Oct2 741 Cool and Wet
Oct2 443.5 Cool and Wet
Oct2 333 Warm and Dry
Oct2 299.5 Cool and Dry
Oct2 500.5 Cool and Dry
Oct2 307.5 Cool and Dry
Oct2 2574 Warm and Wet
Oct2 6143.5 Warm and Wet
Oct2 2326.5 Warm and Wet
Oct3 384 Cool and Dry
Oct3 385 Warm and Dry
Oct3 467 Warm and Dry
Oct3 1990 Warm and Dry
Oct3 689 Cool and Wet
Oct3 800 Cool and Dry
Oct3 799 Warm and Wet
Oct3 421 Cool and Dry
Oct3 1273 Cool and Wet
Oct3 1118 Cool and Wet
Oct3 1460 Warm and Wet
Oct3 1253 Warm and Dry
Oct3 290 Cool and Dry
Oct3 1258 Warm and Wet
Oct3 1976 Cool and Wet
Oct3 1494 Cool and Wet
Oct3 1989 Warm and Wet
Oct3 1666 Warm and Wet
Oct3 1606 Cool and Wet
Oct3 1063 Cool and Wet
Oct3 610 Cool and Wet
Oct3 701 Cool and Wet
Oct3 426 Cool and Wet
Oct3 316 Warm and Dry
Oct3 289 Cool and Dry
Oct3 480 Cool and Dry
Oct3 290 Cool and Dry
Oct3 2489 Warm and Wet
Oct3 5965 Warm and Wet
Oct3 2210 Warm and Wet
Oct4 352 Cool and Dry
Oct4 342 Warm and Dry
Oct4 443.5 Warm and Dry
Oct4 1924 Warm and Dry
Oct4 652 Cool and Wet
Oct4 759 Cool and Dry
Oct4 762 Warm and Wet
Oct4 411.5 Cool and Dry
Oct4 1227 Cool and Wet
Oct4 1107 Cool and Wet
Oct4 1334 Warm and Wet
Oct4 1205.5 Warm and Dry
Oct4 271.5 Cool and Dry
Oct4 1176 Warm and Wet
Oct4 1739 Cool and Wet
Oct4 1347 Cool and Wet
Oct4 1844 Warm and Wet
Oct4 1549 Warm and Wet
Oct4 1510 Cool and Wet
Oct4 1009.5 Cool and Wet
Oct4 593 Cool and Wet
Oct4 673 Cool and Wet
Oct4 419 Cool and Wet
Oct4 309 Warm and Dry
Oct4 272.5 Cool and Dry
Oct4 469 Cool and Dry
Oct4 273 Cool and Dry
Oct4 2349.5 Warm and Wet
Oct4 5825 Warm and Wet
Oct4 2160 Warm and Wet
Oct5 320 Cool and Dry
Oct5 299 Warm and Dry
Oct5 420 Warm and Dry
Oct5 1858 Warm and Dry
Oct5 615 Cool and Wet
Oct5 718 Cool and Dry
Oct5 725 Warm and Wet
Oct5 402 Cool and Dry
Oct5 1181 Cool and Wet
Oct5 1096 Cool and Wet
Oct5 1208 Warm and Wet
Oct5 1158 Warm and Dry
Oct5 253 Cool and Dry
Oct5 1094 Warm and Wet
Oct5 1502 Cool and Wet
Oct5 1200 Cool and Wet
Oct5 1699 Warm and Wet
Oct5 1432 Warm and Wet
Oct5 1414 Cool and Wet
Oct5 956 Cool and Wet
Oct5 576 Cool and Wet
Oct5 645 Cool and Wet
Oct5 412 Cool and Wet
Oct5 302 Warm and Dry
Oct5 256 Cool and Dry
Oct5 458 Cool and Dry
Oct5 256 Cool and Dry
Oct5 2210 Warm and Wet
Oct5 5685 Warm and Wet
Oct5 2110 Warm and Wet
Oct6 308 Cool and Dry
Oct6 251 Warm and Dry
Oct6 400 Warm and Dry
Oct6 1788 Warm and Dry
Oct6 589 Cool and Wet
Oct6 700 Cool and Dry
Oct6 701 Warm and Wet
Oct6 387 Cool and Dry
Oct6 1010 Cool and Wet
Oct6 1000 Cool and Wet
Oct6 1181 Warm and Wet
Oct6 1087 Warm and Dry
Oct6 231 Cool and Dry
Oct6 1007 Warm and Wet
Oct6 1467 Cool and Wet
Oct6 1180 Cool and Wet
Oct6 1650 Warm and Wet
Oct6 1401 Warm and Wet
Oct6 1384 Cool and Wet
Oct6 934 Cool and Wet
Oct6 554 Cool and Wet
Oct6 621 Cool and Wet
Oct6 400 Cool and Wet
Oct6 287 Warm and Dry
Oct6 228 Cool and Dry
Oct6 432 Cool and Dry
Oct6 234 Cool and Dry
Oct6 2108 Warm and Wet
Oct6 5454 Warm and Wet
Oct6 2009 Warm and Wet
Oct7 300.5 Cool and Dry
Oct7 247 Warm and Dry
Oct7 386 Warm and Dry
Oct7 1750 Warm and Dry
Oct7 555 Cool and Wet
Oct7 689 Cool and Dry
Oct7 687 Warm and Wet
Oct7 355 Cool and Dry
Oct7 987 Cool and Wet
Oct7 977 Cool and Wet
Oct7 1167 Warm and Wet
Oct7 1005 Warm and Dry
Oct7 214 Cool and Dry
Oct7 967 Warm and Wet
Oct7 1428 Cool and Wet
Oct7 1101 Cool and Wet
Oct7 1606 Warm and Wet
Oct7 1378 Warm and Wet
Oct7 1358 Cool and Wet
Oct7 912 Cool and Wet
Oct7 539 Cool and Wet
Oct7 610 Cool and Wet
Oct7 387 Cool and Wet
Oct7 263 Warm and Dry
Oct7 211 Cool and Dry
Oct7 419 Cool and Dry
Oct7 212 Cool and Dry
Oct7 2080 Warm and Wet
Oct7 5276 Warm and Wet
Oct7 1948 Warm and Wet
Oct8 287 Cool and Dry
Oct8 240 Warm and Dry
Oct8 371 Warm and Dry
Oct8 1698 Warm and Dry
Oct8 532 Cool and Wet
Oct8 661 Cool and Dry
Oct8 644 Warm and Wet
Oct8 338 Cool and Dry
Oct8 965 Cool and Wet
Oct8 951 Cool and Wet
Oct8 1143 Warm and Wet
Oct8 988 Warm and Dry
Oct8 200 Cool and Dry
Oct8 945 Warm and Wet
Oct8 1400 Cool and Wet
Oct8 1076 Cool and Wet
Oct8 1576 Warm and Wet
Oct8 1343 Warm and Wet
Oct8 1333 Cool and Wet
Oct8 893 Cool and Wet
Oct8 521 Cool and Wet
Oct8 593 Cool and Wet
Oct8 365 Cool and Wet
Oct8 241 Warm and Dry
Oct8 195 Cool and Dry
Oct8 401 Cool and Dry
Oct8 200 Cool and Dry
Oct8 1987 Warm and Wet
Oct8 5080 Warm and Wet
Oct8 1864 Warm and Wet
Oct9 260 Cool and Dry
Oct9 366 Warm and Dry
Oct9 358 Warm and Dry
Oct9 1650 Warm and Dry
Oct9 511 Cool and Wet
Oct9 638 Cool and Dry
Oct9 621 Warm and Wet
Oct9 301 Cool and Dry
Oct9 950 Cool and Wet
Oct9 935 Cool and Wet
Oct9 1129 Warm and Wet
Oct9 954 Warm and Dry
Oct9 187 Cool and Dry
Oct9 928 Warm and Wet
Oct9 1376 Cool and Wet
Oct9 1042 Cool and Wet
Oct9 1545 Warm and Wet
Oct9 1328 Warm and Wet
Oct9 1310 Cool and Wet
Oct9 875 Cool and Wet
Oct9 510 Cool and Wet
Oct9 573 Cool and Wet
Oct9 349 Cool and Wet
Oct9 225 Warm and Dry
Oct9 179 Cool and Dry
Oct9 376 Cool and Dry
Oct9 176 Cool and Dry
Oct9 1903 Warm and Wet
Oct9 4879 Warm and Wet
Oct9 1782 Warm and Wet
Oct10 243 Cool and Dry
Oct10 298 Warm and Dry
Oct10 339 Warm and Dry
Oct10 1610 Warm and Dry
Oct10 487 Cool and Wet
Oct10 622 Cool and Dry
Oct10 600 Warm and Wet
Oct10 289 Cool and Dry
Oct10 932 Cool and Wet
Oct10 928 Cool and Wet
Oct10 1091 Warm and Wet
Oct10 932 Warm and Dry
Oct10 165 Cool and Dry
Oct10 900 Warm and Wet
Oct10 1342 Cool and Wet
Oct10 1000 Cool and Wet
Oct10 1528 Warm and Wet
Oct10 1309 Warm and Wet
Oct10 1275 Cool and Wet
Oct10 856 Cool and Wet
Oct10 487 Cool and Wet
Oct10 555 Cool and Wet
Oct10 321 Cool and Wet
Oct10 212 Warm and Dry
Oct10 165 Cool and Dry
Oct10 345 Cool and Dry
Oct10 143 Cool and Dry
Oct10 1865 Warm and Wet
Oct10 4616 Warm and Wet
Oct10 1691 Warm and Wet
Oct11 220 Cool and Dry
Oct11 262 Warm and Dry
Oct11 321 Warm and Dry
Oct11 1577 Warm and Dry
Oct11 453 Cool and Wet
Oct11 610 Cool and Dry
Oct11 589 Warm and Wet
Oct11 265 Cool and Dry
Oct11 910 Cool and Wet
Oct11 907 Cool and Wet
Oct11 1005 Warm and Wet
Oct11 912 Warm and Dry
Oct11 123 Cool and Dry
Oct11 876 Warm and Wet
Oct11 1313 Cool and Wet
Oct11 984 Cool and Wet
Oct11 1505 Warm and Wet
Oct11 1286 Warm and Wet
Oct11 1251 Cool and Wet
Oct11 833 Cool and Wet
Oct11 465 Cool and Wet
Oct11 534 Cool and Wet
Oct11 300 Cool and Wet
Oct11 200 Warm and Dry
Oct11 151 Cool and Dry
Oct11 323 Cool and Dry
Oct11 121 Cool and Dry
Oct11 1832 Warm and Wet
Oct11 4432 Warm and Wet
Oct11 1600 Warm and Wet
Oct12 197 Cool and Dry
Oct12 240 Warm and Dry
Oct12 310 Warm and Dry
Oct12 1531 Warm and Dry
Oct12 421 Cool and Wet
Oct12 593 Cool and Dry
Oct12 550 Warm and Wet
Oct12 248 Cool and Dry
Oct12 878 Cool and Wet
Oct12 888 Cool and Wet
Oct12 982 Warm and Wet
Oct12 897 Warm and Dry
Oct12 110 Cool and Dry
Oct12 848 Warm and Wet
Oct12 1287 Cool and Wet
Oct12 934 Cool and Wet
Oct12 1480 Warm and Wet
Oct12 1257 Warm and Wet
Oct12 1228 Cool and Wet
Oct12 818 Cool and Wet
Oct12 438 Cool and Wet
Oct12 528 Cool and Wet
Oct12 288 Cool and Wet
Oct12 187 Warm and Dry
Oct12 132 Cool and Dry
Oct12 310 Cool and Dry
Oct12 113 Cool and Dry
Oct12 1800 Warm and Wet
Oct12 4289 Warm and Wet
Oct12 1512 Warm and Wet
Oct13 168 Cool and Dry
Oct13 220 Warm and Dry
Oct13 300 Warm and Dry
Oct13 1487 Warm and Dry
Oct13 410 Cool and Wet
Oct13 576 Cool and Dry
Oct13 510 Warm and Wet
Oct13 232 Cool and Dry
Oct13 850 Cool and Wet
Oct13 867 Cool and Wet
Oct13 966 Warm and Wet
Oct13 875 Warm and Dry
Oct13 102 Cool and Dry
Oct13 821 Warm and Wet
Oct13 1266 Cool and Wet
Oct13 904 Cool and Wet
Oct13 1461 Warm and Wet
Oct13 1245 Warm and Wet
Oct13 1200 Cool and Wet
Oct13 803 Cool and Wet
Oct13 426 Cool and Wet
Oct13 510 Cool and Wet
Oct13 275 Cool and Wet
Oct13 160 Warm and Dry
Oct13 124 Cool and Dry
Oct13 296 Cool and Dry
Oct13 105 Cool and Dry
Oct13 1754 Warm and Wet
Oct13 4190 Warm and Wet
Oct13 1465 Warm and Wet
Oct14 142 Cool and Dry
Oct14 190 Warm and Dry
Oct14 289 Warm and Dry
Oct14 1444 Warm and Dry
Oct14 396 Cool and Wet
Oct14 550 Cool and Dry
Oct14 488 Warm and Wet
Oct14 211 Cool and Dry
Oct14 836 Cool and Wet
Oct14 840 Cool and Wet
Oct14 942 Warm and Wet
Oct14 850 Warm and Dry
Oct14 98 Cool and Dry
Oct14 801 Warm and Wet
Oct14 1220 Cool and Wet
Oct14 888 Cool and Wet
Oct14 1428 Warm and Wet
Oct14 1228 Warm and Wet
Oct14 1186 Cool and Wet
Oct14 788 Cool and Wet
Oct14 412 Cool and Wet
Oct14 502 Cool and Wet
Oct14 261 Cool and Wet
Oct14 145 Warm and Dry
Oct14 111 Cool and Dry
Oct14 287 Cool and Dry
Oct14 87 Cool and Dry
Oct14 1703 Warm and Wet
Oct14 4004 Warm and Wet
Oct14 1412 Warm and Wet
Oct15 121 Cool and Dry
Oct15 155 Warm and Dry
Oct15 276 Warm and Dry
Oct15 1410 Warm and Dry
Oct15 385 Cool and Wet
Oct15 532 Cool and Dry
Oct15 467 Warm and Wet
Oct15 197 Cool and Dry
Oct15 819 Cool and Wet
Oct15 828 Cool and Wet
Oct15 919 Warm and Wet
Oct15 832 Warm and Dry
Oct15 85 Cool and Dry
Oct15 776 Warm and Wet
Oct15 1191 Cool and Wet
Oct15 864 Cool and Wet
Oct15 1395 Warm and Wet
Oct15 1209 Warm and Wet
Oct15 1160 Cool and Wet
Oct15 764 Cool and Wet
Oct15 400 Cool and Wet
Oct15 476 Cool and Wet
Oct15 245 Cool and Wet
Oct15 132 Warm and Dry
Oct15 109 Cool and Dry
Oct15 260 Cool and Dry
Oct15 84 Cool and Dry
Oct15 1686 Warm and Wet
Oct15 3878 Warm and Wet
Oct15 1388 Warm and Wet
Oct16 110 Cool and Dry
Oct16 148 Warm and Dry
Oct16 244 Warm and Dry
Oct16 1223 Warm and Dry
Oct16 357 Cool and Wet
Oct16 518 Cool and Dry
Oct16 443 Warm and Wet
Oct16 175 Cool and Dry
Oct16 792 Cool and Wet
Oct16 800 Cool and Wet
Oct16 902 Warm and Wet
Oct16 811 Warm and Dry
Oct16 80 Cool and Dry
Oct16 753 Warm and Wet
Oct16 1101 Cool and Wet
Oct16 843 Cool and Wet
Oct16 1340 Warm and Wet
Oct16 1178 Warm and Wet
Oct16 1108 Cool and Wet
Oct16 732 Cool and Wet
Oct16 387 Cool and Wet
Oct16 450 Cool and Wet
Oct16 228 Cool and Wet
Oct16 112 Warm and Dry
Oct16 100 Cool and Dry
Oct16 254 Cool and Dry
Oct16 78 Cool and Dry
Oct16 1632 Warm and Wet
Oct16 3645 Warm and Wet
Oct16 1295 Warm and Wet
Oct17 98 Cool and Dry
Oct17 133 Warm and Dry
Oct17 221 Warm and Dry
Oct17 1009 Warm and Dry
Oct17 328 Cool and Wet
Oct17 505 Cool and Dry
Oct17 420 Warm and Wet
Oct17 162 Cool and Dry
Oct17 754 Cool and Wet
Oct17 784 Cool and Wet
Oct17 889 Warm and Wet
Oct17 796 Warm and Dry
Oct17 76 Cool and Dry
Oct17 728 Warm and Wet
Oct17 1076 Cool and Wet
Oct17 821 Cool and Wet
Oct17 1321 Warm and Wet
Oct17 1154 Warm and Wet
Oct17 1080 Cool and Wet
Oct17 710 Cool and Wet
Oct17 363 Cool and Wet
Oct17 432 Cool and Wet
Oct17 203 Cool and Wet
Oct17 97 Warm and Dry
Oct17 96 Cool and Dry
Oct17 241 Cool and Dry
Oct17 73 Cool and Dry
Oct17 1587 Warm and Wet
Oct17 3553 Warm and Wet
Oct17 1250 Warm and Wet
Oct18 77 Cool and Dry
Oct18 121 Warm and Dry
Oct18 198 Warm and Dry
Oct18 897 Warm and Dry
Oct18 300 Cool and Wet
Oct18 498 Cool and Dry
Oct18 401 Warm and Wet
Oct18 148 Cool and Dry
Oct18 723 Cool and Wet
Oct18 739 Cool and Wet
Oct18 872 Warm and Wet
Oct18 777 Warm and Dry
Oct18 73 Cool and Dry
Oct18 701 Warm and Wet
Oct18 1054 Cool and Wet
Oct18 802 Cool and Wet
Oct18 1287 Warm and Wet
Oct18 1126 Warm and Wet
Oct18 1023 Cool and Wet
Oct18 685 Cool and Wet
Oct18 347 Cool and Wet
Oct18 410 Cool and Wet
Oct18 186 Cool and Wet
Oct18 88 Warm and Dry
Oct18 92 Cool and Dry
Oct18 235 Cool and Dry
Oct18 67 Cool and Dry
Oct18 1555 Warm and Wet
Oct18 3320 Warm and Wet
Oct18 1209 Warm and Wet
Oct19 65 Cool and Dry
Oct19 109 Warm and Dry
Oct19 174 Warm and Dry
Oct19 845 Warm and Dry
Oct19 287 Cool and Wet
Oct19 462 Cool and Dry
Oct19 378 Warm and Wet
Oct19 121 Cool and Dry
Oct19 709 Cool and Wet
Oct19 710 Cool and Wet
Oct19 850 Warm and Wet
Oct19 754 Warm and Dry
Oct19 68 Cool and Dry
Oct19 688 Warm and Wet
Oct19 1032 Cool and Wet
Oct19 784 Cool and Wet
Oct19 1254 Warm and Wet
Oct19 1109 Warm and Wet
Oct19 1001 Cool and Wet
Oct19 657 Cool and Wet
Oct19 321 Cool and Wet
Oct19 387 Cool and Wet
Oct19 169 Cool and Wet
Oct19 63 Warm and Dry
Oct19 87 Cool and Dry
Oct19 228 Cool and Dry
Oct19 61 Cool and Dry
Oct19 1521 Warm and Wet
Oct19 3209 Warm and Wet
Oct19 1187 Warm and Wet
Oct20 48 Cool and Dry
Oct20 97 Warm and Dry
Oct20 143 Warm and Dry
Oct20 810 Warm and Dry
Oct20 254 Cool and Wet
Oct20 436 Cool and Dry
Oct20 354 Warm and Wet
Oct20 103 Cool and Dry
Oct20 685 Cool and Wet
Oct20 694 Cool and Wet
Oct20 838 Warm and Wet
Oct20 732 Warm and Dry
Oct20 62 Cool and Dry
Oct20 675 Warm and Wet
Oct20 1003 Cool and Wet
Oct20 763 Cool and Wet
Oct20 1223 Warm and Wet
Oct20 1087 Warm and Wet
Oct20 976 Cool and Wet
Oct20 635 Cool and Wet
Oct20 305 Cool and Wet
Oct20 361 Cool and Wet
Oct20 143 Cool and Wet
Oct20 48 Warm and Dry
Oct20 83 Cool and Dry
Oct20 217 Cool and Dry
Oct20 54 Cool and Dry
Oct20 1489 Warm and Wet
Oct20 3107 Warm and Wet
Oct20 1145 Warm and Wet
Oct21 39 Cool and Dry
Oct21 85 Warm and Dry
Oct21 127 Warm and Dry
Oct21 767 Warm and Dry
Oct21 232 Cool and Wet
Oct21 412 Cool and Dry
Oct21 333 Warm and Wet
Oct21 93 Cool and Dry
Oct21 658 Cool and Wet
Oct21 673 Cool and Wet
Oct21 821 Warm and Wet
Oct21 728 Warm and Dry
Oct21 52 Cool and Dry
Oct21 652 Warm and Wet
Oct21 982 Cool and Wet
Oct21 740 Cool and Wet
Oct21 1206 Warm and Wet
Oct21 1058 Warm and Wet
Oct21 932 Cool and Wet
Oct21 618 Cool and Wet
Oct21 286 Cool and Wet
Oct21 328 Cool and Wet
Oct21 122 Cool and Wet
Oct21 42 Warm and Dry
Oct21 76 Cool and Dry
Oct21 209 Cool and Dry
Oct21 51 Cool and Dry
Oct21 1450 Warm and Wet
Oct21 3076 Warm and Wet
Oct21 1090 Warm and Wet
Oct22 20 Cool and Dry
Oct22 71 Warm and Dry
Oct22 104 Warm and Dry
Oct22 728 Warm and Dry
Oct22 210 Cool and Wet
Oct22 394 Cool and Dry
Oct22 317 Warm and Wet
Oct22 77 Cool and Dry
Oct22 643 Cool and Wet
Oct22 652 Cool and Wet
Oct22 804 Warm and Wet
Oct22 702 Warm and Dry
Oct22 48 Cool and Dry
Oct22 639 Warm and Wet
Oct22 965 Cool and Wet
Oct22 721 Cool and Wet
Oct22 1189 Warm and Wet
Oct22 1032 Warm and Wet
Oct22 910 Cool and Wet
Oct22 603 Cool and Wet
Oct22 260 Cool and Wet
Oct22 310 Cool and Wet
Oct22 116 Cool and Wet
Oct22 36 Warm and Dry
Oct22 72 Cool and Dry
Oct22 203 Cool and Dry
Oct22 45 Cool and Dry
Oct22 1421 Warm and Wet
Oct22 3003 Warm and Wet
Oct22 1032 Warm and Wet
Oct23 18 Cool and Dry
Oct23 68 Warm and Dry
Oct23 91 Warm and Dry
Oct23 706 Warm and Dry
Oct23 203 Cool and Wet
Oct23 350 Cool and Dry
Oct23 289 Warm and Wet
Oct23 67 Cool and Dry
Oct23 628 Cool and Wet
Oct23 638 Cool and Wet
Oct23 789 Warm and Wet
Oct23 680 Warm and Dry
Oct23 45 Cool and Dry
Oct23 625 Warm and Wet
Oct23 930 Cool and Wet
Oct23 700 Cool and Wet
Oct23 1105 Warm and Wet
Oct23 980 Warm and Wet
Oct23 890 Cool and Wet
Oct23 589 Cool and Wet
Oct23 245 Cool and Wet
Oct23 289 Cool and Wet
Oct23 101 Cool and Wet
Oct23 32 Warm and Dry
Oct23 65 Cool and Dry
Oct23 188 Cool and Dry
Oct23 31 Cool and Dry
Oct23 1380 Warm and Wet
Oct23 2898 Warm and Wet
Oct23 980 Warm and Wet
Oct24 16.6 Cool and Dry
Oct24 51 Warm and Dry

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