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Issue in My Shopify Store – Sample products are disappear from order summary

HomeCategory: stackoverflowIssue in My Shopify Store – Sample products are disappear from order summary
Avatarwillson asked 4 months ago

My shopify store have a problem in checkout. When user login on checkout page and after login redirect back to checkout page sample product are disappear from order summary (cart).

This should be session issue or another issue ?

More Description

In our site we are giving one sample product free for 1 product purchase. For this we make one collection for sample product and set price 0 and show them at cart page. after user add one product to cart and proceed for checkout they have a option for choose available sample product for free , after selection of sample product next step is checkout page. at checkout page both product and sample product are there in order summary. now user have a two option either they can proceed order as a guest user or they can login and place a order. and issue occurred when user select login option and after succesfully login user redirect to checkout page but then sample product disapeered from order summary , product that user purchased are there in order summary but sample product are disappear. we didn’t use any app for this. doing this by code. due to we don’t have a access of checkout. Any help will be appreciated.

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Avatarnaveen answered 4 months ago
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