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Java Stream collect method

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Avatargaurav asked 5 months ago

When using String::new as the Supplier of collect method, i saw the output is not collected and return nothing at the end.

If using StringBuilder, then works fine.

Why String::new can’t do collect?

List<String> list2 = Arrays.asList("a", "b", "c", "d", "e", "f", "g");

String collect =, (res, elem) -> {
    res = res.concat(elem);
    System.out.printf("res=%s, elem=%sn", res, elem);
}, (res1, res2) -> {
    System.out.printf("res1=%s, res2=%sn", res1, res2);
System.out.println("collect=" + collect);


res=a, elem=a  
res=b, elem=b  
res=c, elem=c  
res=d, elem=d  
res=e, elem=e  
res=f, elem=f  
res=g, elem=g  
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AvatarMannu answered 5 months ago
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