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Mockito always return NULL when test hibernate method

HomeCategory: stackoverflowMockito always return NULL when test hibernate method
Avatarsourav asked 5 days ago

I have some hibernate methods and when i test them, mockito always return null instead of expected value

This is my hibernate method

private SessionFactory sessionFactory;

public StudentDAO() {

public List<StudentDetail> listStudentDetail() {
    String hql = "Select new " + StudentDetail.class.getName() //
            + "(s.studentid,,s.address) " //
            + " from " + Student.class.getName() + " s ";
    Session session = this.sessionFactory.getCurrentSession();
    Query<StudentDetail> query = session.createQuery(hql, StudentDetail.class);
    List<StudentDetail> list =null;
    list = query.getResultList();
    return list;

And this is my test method

SessionFactory sessionFactory;
Query query;
Session session;
List<StudentDetail> list;
private StudentDAO studentDAO ;

// Test get method

public void getListStudentTest() {
    StudentDetail sd1 = new StudentDetail(1, "A", "X");
    Mockito.verify(session.createQuery(ArgumentMatchers.anyString(),ArgumentMatchers.anyObject() ));

    Assert.assertEquals(sd1, studentDAO.listStudentDetail().get(0));

When i run my web app, studentDAO.listStudentDetail() return true value normally but in test method its always return null

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Avatarnaveen answered 5 days ago
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