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Oracle SQL regular expression replacement

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Avatarsourav asked 1 week ago

I have a Employees Table where I have columns such as last_name first_name,salary,etc..I want to write a query which will replace S or s to ‘K’,K or k to ‘A’,A or a to ‘E’,E or e to ‘S’ for each last_name in the enployees table…basically there are two ways to do it..

1.translate-if I use this I am missing out either on lower case or upper case matching,e.g..translate(last_name,[skae],[kaes])..
2.regexp_replace-tried but from second replacement it is replacing the character with null..regexp_replace(last_name,'[(s|S)(k|K)(a|A)(e|E)]’,[KAES],1,0,’i’]

Thanks a lot.

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AvatarAmit answered 1 week ago
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