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Python Return multiple variables after pause in function

HomeCategory: stackoverflowPython Return multiple variables after pause in function
Avatarpushpa asked 7 days ago

I have found a piece of flask: code that dynamically updates the HTML, but it requires a function like time.time() – it outputs, pauses, and outputs again. I would like a custom function to do just this but not with a time value.

I tried something similar to this but I could not put a pause in between each output.

The flask code looks like this:

from flask import Flask, jsonify, render_template, request
import webbrowser
import time

app = Flask(__name__)

@app.route('/_stuff', methods = ['GET'])
def stuff():

    return jsonify(result=time.time())

def index():

    return render_template('dy1.html')

if __name__ == '__main__':

The result is just a question mark when I replace result=time.time() with something else unless its very explicit like result=”hello”


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AvatarArben answered 7 days ago
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