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React Router Declared but doesn't work please

HomeCategory: stackoverflowReact Router Declared but doesn't work please
Avatarbhawya asked 4 weeks ago

Hello I want it to render InstrumentPage with no props when #/ is access but when #/ipb is access pass ipb as the props entity. But it’s not working.

  render() {
    return (<React.Fragment>
          <Route path='/' render={(props) => <InstrumentPage {...props} />}/>
          {Object.keys(AppConfig).forEach((property) =>
            <Route path={property} render={(props) => <InstrumentPage {...props} entity={property} />} />)


const AppConfig = {
  pb: {
    header: 'PBHeader',
    body: 'PBBody',
  ipb: {
    header: 'IPBHeader',
    body: 'IPBBody',
export default AppConfig;
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Avatarnaveen answered 4 weeks ago
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