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Remove underscores from link title?

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kundan asked 2 weeks ago

Having slowed down a bit & realized that this is a Markdown Editor like WP’s, don’t use those & not so familiar & always head to Code View, I figured rephrasing this issue might be advised.

My issue without the Earlier Book (Life is weighing upon my Wifie & I at the moment…) is to Somehow Replace the Underscores ‘_’ in the URL’s Link anchor/Title text, globally somehow, and if possible to Capitalize:

From: “>Health_science “>Health Science

I’ve even tried the str_replace and a few other things including editing the .htaccess, all with no success. The urgency to get this done, I’ll spare you, but if anyone can help me rename, essentially (if there’s a PHP Way), I would be so very grateful.

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Amit answered 2 weeks ago
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