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Replacing text on-the-fly in contenteditable with pure jQuery

HomeCategory: stackoverflowReplacing text on-the-fly in contenteditable with pure jQuery
Avatarbhawya asked 6 days ago

I have seen a few questions about this on StackOverflow, but it seems hard to find a jQuery-based solution. Hence, I would like to ask this question.

I would like to replace text on-the-fly inside a div with the attribute contenteditable="true".

I’m looking for a jQuery-based solution that will do the following:

  • Automatically replace written text on-the-fly (as you type)
  • Being able to continue writing (whilst the replacement is being done)

I looked at SC Editor (, it seems like it does exactly that (for instance, if you try type :) it gets replaced by an emoticon.

I think a good start would be an array with all the elements to replace:

$.settings = {
    path: '',
    emoticons: {
        ':(' : 'stupid.jpg',
        ':)' : 'smart.jpg',

I have been unable to find good examples of this. Would be happy if somebody can share their thoughts and any code regarding this.

How would the replacement get done in the best possible way, with the above code?

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Avatarnaveen answered 6 days ago
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