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Retrieve Local variable name from PDB files

HomeCategory: stackoverflowRetrieve Local variable name from PDB files
Avatarkundan asked 2 weeks ago

i’m currently trying to retrieve source code from IL bytecodes and PDB files,
i’m arrived to the point where i can generate source code from IL and reflection
i know the name of local variable names is included in the pdb file.
My question is how can i find it back ? what libs should i use to handle the pdb files (if any) or should i write the code myself ? where can i find information about pdb file format ?
currently in the generated sourcecode i’m using auto generated values for local variables but i want to change that as i believe it is possible to find that information back if you have pdb files at your disposal.
I tried to look on google but i didnt find any usefull informations.

Thanks in advance for you replies 😉

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AvatarJyoti answered 2 weeks ago
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