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Running flutter app on physical android error

HomeCategory: stackoverflowRunning flutter app on physical android error
Avatarbhawya asked 5 months ago

I try to run the app onto my physical android phone, and i get this error

Error: ADB exited with exit code 1
adb: failed to install /Users/User/AndroidStudioProjects/appname/build/app/outputs/apk/app.apk: Failure [INSTALL_PARSE_FAILED_BAD_PACKAGE_NAME: Invalid manifest package: must have at least one '.' separator]
Error launching application on Pixel XL.

I had just updated my flutter from v.0.3.1 to v.0.7.3 and also prepped it for deployment and now im getting this error

i have no idea how to go about fixing this, does anyone have any suggestions?

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AvatarAmit answered 5 months ago
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