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Threads in Unity to avoid Animation freeze

HomeCategory: stackoverflowThreads in Unity to avoid Animation freeze
Avatarjohn asked 3 months ago

Every time I load a texture from a saved file, any animation in my scene is frozen until the loading from file is done.
I read so many different opinions about Threads, and none got answers. but I have to load the texture in a different thread to avoid freezing.
My code is attached to a gameobject which is a UI popup window

void Start() {
Texture2D tex = LoadTexFromFile(); //Should be in a diffrent thread that returns a texture
sprite = Sprite.Create(tex, 
                       new Rect(0, 0, tex.width, tex.height), 
                       new Vector2(tex.width / 2, tex.height / 2));

picFrame.GetComponent<Image>().overrideSprite = sprite; }

How do I safely use threads in my code?

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AvatarMannu answered 3 months ago
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