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TYPO3 Extbase field names with numbers

HomeCategory: stackoverflowTYPO3 Extbase field names with numbers
Avatarsourav asked 4 months ago

I’ve got problematic use case:

I’ve got a field something_10_somotherthing in my database, and it seems that extbase experiences some issues mapping $something10Someotherthing to this field, though I don’t know why.

I’m importing the data from a json file into my mysql database 1:1 and mapping it with extbase afterwards, so I’m not that flexible on field names (but I could implement a mapping in my import if needed). I tried mapping the field using the techniques from the documentation ( but even when adding this to ext_typoscript_setup.txt and ext_typoscript_setup.typoscript, nothing happened. Any thoughts?

I think I’ve got an issue because of the 10 and that extbase might not be able to map it properly to a lowerCamelCase name but really unsure about it.

Thanks for any help!

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AvatarArben answered 4 months ago
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