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Why does the 'while true' loop cause an infinite loop?

HomeCategory: stackoverflowWhy does the 'while true' loop cause an infinite loop?
Avatargaurav asked 4 months ago

I understand the basic concept of the ‘while loop’. But I do not understand why this particular code containing ‘while true’ causes an infinite loop.

condition = 1

while condition < 10: 
    condition += 1

while True:
    print('hello word')

I understand when we start with condition = 1, it is less than 10, so that is is ‘true’. But when we get to condition = 11, doesn’t the statement become false (as 10 is less than 11?). When I run this code, it print hello world forever until the compiler crashes. Why does it keep going? Shouldn’t it stop when the condition = 11? And also, why does the print(condition) no longer show up when I do this?

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AvatarFernando answered 4 months ago
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